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Slurry Equipment

image of Iseki separation plant

How does the slurry system work?

The slurry system is a continuous system which pumps clean water from the surface, through the tunnel, to the slurry chamber of the microtunnelling machine. Any large fragments will have been reduced by the crusher head to be small enough to be pumped from there in suspension, back to the surface.

At the surface, the spoil-laden slurry is then passed through various items of separation equipment, so that the excavated material is removed, leaving cleaned water to be re-used.


We supply the Iseki range of microtunnelling pumps, which have proved to be second to none over many years.

Separation Plant

We supply various types of equipment, of both our own, and of proprietary designs, to suit most conditions.


We supply the complete range of slurry pipework appropriate to any of our systems.