Cookie Policy

The EC "Cookie Law"

The updated EC Electronic Communications Directive (the "Cookie Law") is now in force for the UK, and requires websites to communicate with visitors on the subject of cookies.

Only the law has changed

The methods used by this site are unchanged, so if you were happy to use this site previously, you know what cookies are, and what they can do, and are happy to continue in the same way, then you don't need to read any more.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which many websites download onto your computer. For more information, read All about Cookies

Does this website use cookies?

This site currently does not use cookies, but if you'd like to disable the use of cookies on your computer, refer to the link above. Disabling their use on your computer should make no difference to the operation of this site, but may affect the performance of some websites.

Does this website link to other sites which use cookies?

Yes, this website links to other websites, but we have no control over their use of cookies.

Implied consent

Your continued use of the site will be deemed to denote that you accept this policy.

Possible future changes to this policy

If any changes are made to the website which require a change to this policy, a revised version of the policy will be uploaded onto the website to replace this version, at the same time that the changes are made.

24 July 2012